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    I am someone who knows what I want in life. I'm not someone who lives with bad baggage. I'm one that believes it takes communication and giving 100% in a relationship. I am easy to please and love the simplest things in life. I live and love life to the fullest.

    I'm VERY kinky and hope to find someone who wants to take on new challenges in life in everyway you can imagine.

    I am a lady when I need to be, kid at heart, but you get me in the bedroom and I tend to freak em out. :) Nothing bad. It's all good and fun. If you're looking to meet someone who knows how to treat a man in every aspect of way that is possible, lets chat and see where it goes. You WILL be pleased. :)

    I'm looking to meet someone who can be loving and kind hearted. Not out to hurt women. Someone who knows how to take one day at a time and not have to live each day with a bottle, drugs, or arguing. I want someone who will laugh and be happy, kinky, sexy, CLEAN, and patient. I would love to meet someone who can trust and can DEFINITLY be trusted. When you have the best, why would one ever want any other--right :) I give 100% at everything I do and I like to think on the positive side of things. If you're someone who is serious about meeting that special lady and knows how to treat one, email me. :)

    Just wanted to explore....

    Age 35

    Divorced voluptious female looking to explore her curious side and to get more in tuned with her sexuality.

    Ideal Person: Just curious. Looking around to see what's going on. Looking to meet individuals for discreet encounters. Not looking for a relationship. As far as I'm concerned, the best place to have sex is anywhere you can get your freak on. Just send me a note and we can discuss.

    Looking for fun and satisfaction. No strings , no games


    Single, hardworking lady, who needs to relax some. I am not looking for a long term relationship just fun right now.

    I am tall, dark hair and eyes, will get a pic up soon, few extra pounds so if you are looking for a barbie doll sorry. Nice breasts, been told they are one of my best assets.

    I just enjoy good times, good drinks, good friendship, good chat and GREAT sex with good down to earth people. Are you ready for me?

    No Strings. But Still Need it Often : ).

    High class, educated, sexy, pretty, goal oriented and successful. passionate, very sexual but not with just anyone. Or at least i would have to get to know you a bit to give it up :). Just go out for a few drinks, dinner and just get into that head of yours. Will provide more photos to the right requests. You would need to leave me an email to send to also.

    I need a stable lover. Attractive, educated, unmarried/unattached man for a casual relationship. Drug/disease free. Looking for someone who is interested in safety and not sleeping with everyone coming and going. No strings.


    Cleaning Lady Gets It All

    She gets older guy and his young friend!

     Now that my husband was too sick most of the time to enjoy sex he had agreed that I could do whatever I wanted as I mentioned in a previous story. If my cleaning lead to sexual encounters it was ok by him. I was now enjoying the freedom of doing whatever I wanted when it came to sex. This started out just so I could look at the bulges in guys pants but it sure had turned into some very erotic stuff and sometimes really hot sex.

         For a few years, when I first started this, I didn't do anything but just look. The guys that I got to be alone with liked me looking and they often wore shorts or sweats that would give me a good view. It was only recently after my husband's illness that I allowed these to go any further. Some of the guys were more than willing to oblige - they just needed a signal from me that it was ok and there wouldn't be any problems. One of these was the older guy named Will whose wife was gone a lot and he was the first one who really got into showing it off for me when I first started cleaning. That was the only one I did anything with before my husband got sick a lot.


    Their situation has changed since I first started cleaning for them several years ago. She got really sick and eventually moved into a rest home. During all that we never did anything. Although I had oral sex with him after he was in the pool that time we never did much after that. We both had to be satisfied with just sneaking a feel as she was around all the time when she started getting sick. After she went into the rest home for around the clock care we stopped doing anything. She passed away two months later. It was a long time after that before he began to get back to his old self.      Will was a few years younger than his wife and in really good shape for his age from working out so much. That's why I was so turned on by him. After she had been gone for a while he began to wear tight shorts around me again and would often wear the mesh kind with no underwear that you could see through, teasing me with it. He would come up behind me while I was working and I would reach around and feel his cock and balls while he played with my tits. He was nicely hung and could still get it up too. I would stroke him through the material and get him hard and he would go around with it sticking straight out in his shorts for quite a while before it went down. I looked at it all the time.


    I just loved looking at hard cocks. He liked me watching and not just going on and getting him off. He said it was a real turn on for him and most times he had to take care of it after I left.      


    One day he started talking about the sex he and his wife had in their early years and how good it was. How they liked to get it on any place in the house besides the bedroom. He and I didn't go around naked any, but he was this time and I knew he was really wanting to get some relief. I decided to strip all my clothes off when I cleaned the bathroom as I was feeling pretty horny myself and besides it was easier to clean their tub that way. Being naked around a man always made me wet because


    I was so turned on by it. I finally got around to cleaning the tub which was a whirlpool type. Because it was fairly large I had to get in it to give it a really good cleaning. When I finished the back side I stepped out and stood at the edge, bent over and was wiping out the rest of it. He came up behind me, grabbed my hips and shoved his cock all the way in to his balls in one motion.


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    Divorced woman looking for fun

    Things have changed for me now He has left me and now I am totally free to explore my desires, I am looking for many new chapters of my sex life to be opened, do you have some new and exciting ways for people to enjoy one another if so please enlighten me.Help me to write a new page in my sex life.

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    I am looking for a sex partener or partners to liven up my life. I would really like well hung young men and sexy ladies to give me a chance to enjoy sex again I love to be oral with the men and ladies, I want to explore the wilder side of sex. Please show me new ways to achieve satisfaction.


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